5 business apps for your Android device

Have you considered business apps on your mobile phone lately? Business apps are essential in the day-to-day activities of every human. There are quite a large number of business apps available for different purposes with variety of variables to consider

How to Cast Your Android Smartphone Screen to TV Wirelessly

There’s so much fun in using your wide LCD TV to watch your full Android movies. There are very few known ways through which one can connect an Android device to a television, one of them is via a HDMI cord which

Say Hello To Our ‘Not So Little’ Friend, The Partner Mobile E16

The E16 is one of the newest additions to our ‘Elite Series’ Android smartphones and it succeeds the E15 launched in 2016. An upgrade to its predecessor, the E16 is seen by many Nigerians and tech enthusiasts as one of

10 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know Your Smartphone Camera Could Be Used For

Great camera quality is one of the most outstanding and sought after features of new smartphones these days, hence, mobile phone makers now give more attention and priority to the photography section of smartphones. As a result, phones are embedded

Partner Mobile KS1 – An Affordable Smartphone that Gets the Job Done

Recession is no longer just a word, it is the reality and maybe even the future for the next couple of months. Because of it, the price of every thing including pure water has increased so getting a phone of

Where can you Buy Partner Mobile Phones & Accessories?

A lot of people have been wondering how they can get their hands on Partner Mobile phones and accessories so we decided to help by providing this much needed information. It will interest you to note that Partner Mobile has

Partner Mobile Valentine Special

When it comes to Valentine, roses, cakes and chocolates may seem like the best gift options out there to offer your loved one. Truth be told, they do serve as a unique symbol of love but affection does not necessarily

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