Majority of us like to listen back to our conversations with people on phone for whatever reason. Sadly enough, all Android devices doesn’t have this particular functionality. To be able to save your phone conversations, there are ways you can go about to do this on your Partner Mobile and other Android devices.

However, the most important thing here is to ensure you’ve the knowledge of the laws and regulations guiding phone calls recording in your country. Ensure you are conversant with these laws before you proceed with this.

  • Using another Android device

The simplest way to record a phone call is to make use of a separate Android device to record the conversation. All Android devices have voice recorder. So, all you have to do is to put your phone call on speaker and set the voice recorder. This way, you can record your conversation with ease. The negative side of this is that every other surrounding noises would be recorded as well. But in all, the recording will be clear.

  • Using Google Voice

Google voice is another alternative for recording phone calls. But this is majorly for Wi-Fi calls. The setback here is that this app is not available for all regions. Check first if it’s available in your region before downloading it. Another setback is that it supports only the incoming calls. Locate the app on your device, select calls, and next select incoming call settings. After the activation, click on number 4 on your device when you’re on a call for the app to record the phone call conversation. The thing about this app is that both parties on the call would be notified of the recording.

  • Using a Phone Call Recorder

There are two best apps you can use to record all of your phone calls. First is called ‘Call Recorder’. This enables you to record your calls and also backs up you recordings. It has call identifying feature that enables you to identify all your callers. The second is ‘Call Recorder Lite’. With this app, you can record both incoming and outgoing calls seamlessly. The only con about these apps is that are not without cost. These apps are available for download on Play Store.

Final thought

There are other apps on Play Store that supports phone call recording on Partner Mobile and other Android devices. Check their ratings and reviews to know the one that suit your preference.

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